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Chick Party

Chick Party

Click the chick as it comes on screen to match 3 and get rid of them before they fill up the screen.

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Hannah Montana Love Mix

Hannah Montana Love Mix
Help Hannah Montana mix yummy cocktails with this fun game! Pour different drinks into the shaker, including lots of ice and fruits to make it delicious! Shake the cocktail well, then serve and see the effects of the cocktail you have made! Be careful though, the cocktails can turn out as love drinks or pure poison!

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Flood Runner 3 Armageddon (Arcade & skill games)

Flood Runner 3 Armageddon (Arcade & skill games)
 The skill game Flood Runner 3: Armageddon is all about running, jumping and fighting for your life trying to beat the flood. Collect the gems for more power and use power-ups to extend your lifespan. Set the highest score.Try the previous game here:The Flood Runner 2

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  • Front RunnerFront Runner
    Space shooter. Try to eliminate Red Ivan and other bosses to restore peace in the universe.
  • Another Cave RunnerAnother Cave Runner
    Run as fast as you can and try to reach the end of the track. Kill the evil spirits to learn new skills.
  • Flood SalvationFlood Salvation
    Physics based puzzle. Save the ragdoll from drowning using heavy or floating items from the menu.
  • Extreme Building RunnerExtreme Building Runner
    Outrun KingKong and save your girlfriend. Watch out for huge gaps and obstacles.
  • Crystal RunnerCrystal Runner
    Topview platformer in which you need to find the rescueboat in the maze of crystals in time.
  • Line Runner 2Line Runner 2
    Draw a path to run on, collect the rings for extra speed, avoid the obstacles and try to finish first

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Hippos vs Rhinos (Puzzle games)

Hippos vs Rhinos (Puzzle games)
 In the physics based puzzle game Hippos vs. Rhinos your duty is to take all rhinos off the screen while keeping the hippos alive. Try to set the highest score!

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  • Deconstruction 2Deconstruction 2
    Explosive puzzle. You must blow up every building and make sure it gets under the target line.
  • Angry Birds: Pigs Out!Angry Birds: Pigs Out!
    Physics puzzle. Try to erase the green pigs from each level. Cut ropes and wood to get it done.
  • Three Olympic MedalsThree Olympic Medals
    Puzzle game. Make sure to get all of the medals at the right spot removing blocks.
  • CubinectCubinect
    Puzzle game. Try to connect all blocks of the same color by sliding them around the board.
  • GekisenGekisen
    You play the role of a duelist, a powerful swordsman who fights other duelists for glory and respect.
  • Lost Kingdom ProphecyLost Kingdom Prophecy
    Puzzle game. Find the missing elements and play match-3 or more games to complete the quest.

Alpha Turret

Alpha Turret
Shoot the incoming soldiers before they destroy your turret. Careful, accuracy is tracked.

Ashley Tisdale Dress Up Game

Ashley Tisdale Dress Up Game
She's pretty and so talented and read to rock your world.
Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up Game , Miley Cyrus Dress Up Game , Brenda Song Dress Up Game , Selena Gomez Dress Up Game , High School Musical Dress Up Game , Demi Lovato Dress Up Game , High School Musical 3 Dress Up Game , Hilary Duff Dress Up Game ,

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Tombs Of Anubis

Tombs Of Anubis Destroy Anubis and his mummy army by taking snapshots of them. Collect the snapshots before time runs out to proceed to the next level.

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